Al Faris Al Moulathem

Al Faris Al Moulathem o Al Faris Al Moulathem is a security services Solution Company in Jordan has obtain an official license from the government and works under the umbrella of the general security of the Ministry of Interior. o The Company was established in 2009. o Our Customer Call Center Operates 24 \ 7 and is linked to guarding locations and the patrolling supervisors providing a proactive service to our client.

Our Mission

Seeking the highest quality of services and successful partnership with our clients

Our Vision

Providing total security services solutions.

Our Values

Pursue Excellent Quality. Integrity & Credibility Exceed Our Customers Expectation And Satisfaction. Grow Profitably.

General Manager:

Ex. Intelligent officer had various training courses in security affairs in Jordan and abroad mainly in security matters such as:
1. Bump detecting
2. Investigations in security matters
3. Follow up surveillance, and other courses related to my work

Operation Manager:

Ex. Army officer served in various positions in the Jordanian army and have various training courses such as:
1. Explosive Course
2. Break into course
3. Loading Airborne course
4. Commandoes course
5. Personal security course
6. Sniper course
7. Two rounds with united nations peace corps in Africa
8. Joined the company since started as operation manager with full responsibly and he is directly responsible of all projects assistant by well trained project manager and, inspectors.

Recruiting Managers :

Ex. Public security officer he worked with United Nations Peace Corps in various countries in Africa and he was experience in training security guards retired captain one of his duties are:
• Selection of personal
– Employment is carried out by advise local paper
– Our selection criteria are based on the following:
a) Ex. Military or public security personal
b) Age not to exceed 45 years old
c) Properly had various courses in security matters
d) No handicaps

Project Managers:

1. Must be Ex. Army of public security officer
2. Must have various training course of security matters
3. Have the ability to control his staff
4. Must train his staff in various points such as:
– how to use the log books and letters books
– check and advice his staff on the weak points in the parameters
5. Daily check on uniforms and hygiene
6. Stress in how to act with clients visitors and be gentle and strict and well behave with visitors and report the incident with project manage

Project inspectors:

– Ex. Army of public security personal
– Well trained in various aspects in security matters
– Their duties include but not limited to:
1. Inspect projects any time day or night to foresee any obstacles or difficulty and tried to solve them and report these to operation manager
2. Inspect the log and visitors books to ensure that they are kept properly
3. Inspect uniforms
4. Try to solve if there any problems

Our Supervisors:

* High school degree qualification.
* Able to speak, read and write both in Arabic and English.
* They all vetted by the Jordanian Police.
* Do not have a criminal background.
* They all have a military or police background for at least 8 years.
* They trained & qualified to use detection equipments (Luggage X-Ray
Machine & Metal Detectors).
* They have good experience in supervising security guards in all
* Able to operate CCTV monitoring.
The supervisors have a dedicated vehicle equipped with PTT cell phones and make scheduled controls for our client location under his supervision.
The company will provide the supervisor’s reports every two weeks to our client security Office.
A radio check between the guards and the client should be done minimum every 45 minutes.

Our CCTV Operators:

– Have the ability to speak, read, and write English.
– Vetted by the Jordanian Police.
– Do not have a criminal record background
– Have a military or police background.
– Have experience in CCTV system and recording system.
– Have experience in CCTV Software and Hardware.
– Have advance training in CCTV system.
– Have CCTV training Certificate.
– Have counter surveillance training.
– Have Emergency response training.
– Have Fire extinguisher and fire response training.
– Have Basic first aid training.

Our Guards:

* Minimum of a Grade 10 secondary school qualification.
* Able to speak, read and write both in Arabic and English.
* The all are vetted by the Jordanian Police.
* They do not have a criminal record.
* They have a military or police background for at least 5 years.
* All trained & qualified to use detection equipments (Luggage X-Ray
Machine & Metal Detectors).
* Able to operate CCTV monitoring.
* Able to provide Basic First Aid.
All our guards’ ages are between 20 and 45, and in good general health without physical defects or abnormalities, which would interfere with the performance of any guard duty and able to perform physical tasks associated with guard duties to which he/she is assigned, as they all fully obtained basic and advance special security training courses, and they all have minimum of one year experience as a qualified security guard.

Prewritten Polices & Procedures

* Visitors log books.
* Incident reports.
* Check lists.
* Shift daily attendants.
* Daily, weekly and monthly reports.
* Assessment reports.
* Visitors & Vehicle register.
* Tools & equipment loan register.


Our security Personnel receive proper training (basic, pre- operation, site training, refreshing training) in the following subject:
– Oral Training
– Filed training
– Training courses include:
1. The role and function of security personnel.
2. Access Control procedures.
3. Radio procedures.
4. Telephone procedures.
5. Emergency procedures (Bomb threat, evacuation, fire, medical, demonstrations, unruly behavior, etc.)
6. Basic first aid.
7. Incident reporting procedures.
8. Uniform care & presentation.
9. Personal hygiene and appearance.
10. Communications & Customers orientation.
11. Subbasements of certificates issued our personnel of our training.
After completing training certificate is issued for the staff as per as attached samples of certificate.



All uniforms are appropriate and functionality for all weather conditions. Clean, neat and tidy.
* Trousers.
* Shirts
* Belt, Hostler
* Badges
* Shoes.
* Jersey.
* Jacket.

Equipments& Communications

We provide all the equipment needed but not limited to:

  • Mobile& prepaid SIM cards, phones, radio.
  • Metal detectors.
  • Mirror inspection.
  • Stop signs.
  • Flashlights plus spare butteries
  • Handcuffs with handcuff holder.
  • Binoculars for the roof posts on building.
  • Stationary & Logbooks and visitors books.